[Part 2] Degree Attestation Steps – BISE, IBCC, HEC, MoFA, UAE Embassy (Lahore, Pakistan)

Since I am being systematic in my approach towards degree attestation, attestation of Bachelors / Masters degree is being categorized as Step 2. Please note that HEC does NOT require Attestation of Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels) so in order to attest Bachelors / Masters degrees. This guide will outline my experience at the HEC Regional Office Ghalib Market, Lahore.

Step 2: Attestation of Bachelors / Masters Degree [HEC]

Before visiting the HEC office:

  1. Create your online profile on HEC’s Degree Attestation Service (DAS): http://das.hec.gov.pk/
  2. Enter your academic record, starting from Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels) upto your latest degree (Bachelors / Masters) under the “Education” tab.
  3. Proceed to the “Next Step” using the online form and select the documents you wish to be attested per level (Degree/Equivalence Certificate, Transcript, Provisional Certificate) & the regional office you wish to visit. For each original document, HEC charges Rs. 800 whereas for every photocopy Rs. 500 are charged. If your transcript is more than 1 page, Rs. 800 * number of pages will be charged for original whereas Rs. 500 * number of pages for photocopies.
  4. Press “Submit” and now you will get an option to “Print” both the “Bank Challan” & the “Attestation Form”. If you have a printer handy, you might as well print it, otherwise there is a lab facility at the HEC office from where you can print the documents.

Day of visiting the HEC office:

Mandatory document requirements

Make sure you have the following documents with you on the day you visit the HEC office:

  • Original Matriculation (SSC), O’Levels Certificates with IBCC equivalence.
  • Original Intermediate (HSSC), A’Levels Certificates with IBCC equivalence.
  • Original Bachelors Degree with Transcripts
  • Original Masters Degree with Transcripts
  • Original CNIC
  • 1 x photocopy of each document above for HEC record.
  • Additional photocopies of each document you want photocopies attested for.
  • Authority letter, duly attested by a Grade 17 officer in case of submission through an authorized person.

Points to consider before visiting HEC

  • Your name should be the same throughout all educational certificates, degrees, transcripts (Matriculation, Intermediate, Bachelors and/or Masters) as well as the CNIC/Passport otherwise HEC would not attest your documents
  • Your father’s name should be the same throughout all educational certificates, degrees, transcripts (Matriculation, Intermediate, Bachelors and/or Masters) as well as the CNIC/Passport otherwise HEC would not attest your documents
  • Your Date of Birth should be the same on your CNIC/Passport and Matriculation Certificate; otherwise HEC would not attest your documents.
  • HEC only attests documents of HEC recognized institutes, if you have a foreign degree you would have to first apply for an equivalence certificate through HEC’s Degree Equivalence Service http://des.hec.gov.pk/


  • In the greater interest of time you should be at the gate by 7:30 am and enroll yourself in the “Manual Register” with the security guards.
  • At 8:00 am you would be allowed to enter into the main hall, where an HEC representative would distribute tokens according to your entry in the manual register.
  • For those who do not have prints of the Bank Challan/Attestation forms, you would now be told to head towards a nearby lab from where you can get the prints.
  • Your token would now be called on both the speaker and the screen up front directing you towards a counter.
  • Counter 1 & 2 accept, scrutinize and place in order the documents which include:
    • Original degrees, transcripts, certificates (Matriculation upto Bachelors/Masters)
    • Set of photocopies of each document for HEC record and additional photocopies of each document you want photocopies attested for
    • Original CNIC
    • Photocopy of CNIC
    • Bank Challan
    • Attestation form

The HEC officer would staple all documents together after verification and guide you to the next counter. Only your CNIC is returned at this stage.

  • Counter 3 (or the Bank Window) is where you would make the necessary payments for attestation. You would now be guided to the next counter.
  • Counter 4 is where you would deposit the set of documents and the HEC officer would give you the “Applicant Copy” of the Bank Challan with a manual number written up top (this would be your receiving token number) and a stamp at the back along with a manual number (this would be the number or original documents that you have submitted to the HEC, make sure to double check it).
  • You would now be asked to visit the office again between 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm for collection of attested documents. Counter 4 would call out the “receiving token number” as printed on your copy of the Bank Challan, once again make sure that all your original documents are returned and the required attestations are in place.

Note: If you arrive on time, i.e you have a token by 8:00 am (I was token # 25) you would be done with submission by 9:30 am after which you can go back to your home/work and return at 3:00pm for receiving the attested documents.

Step 3: Attestation of Educational Documents [Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA)]


  • For attestation of Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels) degrees, prior attestation of BISE/IBCC is mandatory as detailed in Step 1: Attestation of Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels)
  • For attestation of Bachelors / Masters Degree prior attestation of HEC is mandatory
  • 1 x photocopy of each document above for MoFA record
  • Additional photocopies of each document you want photocopies attested for.
  • Original CNIC / Photocopy


  • Visit MoFA Camp Office located in Shadman II, Lahore.
  • From the first counter, obtain “Attestation Stamps” as per the MoFA schedule of charges.
  • Affix stamps on your educational documents (original and/or photocopies)
  • Proceed to the “Attestation Area” on the 1st floor.
  • Show your educational documents / CNIC to the MoFA officer sitting near the token machine, who will verify the documents and give you a token.
  • Token’s would be announced on the over-head screen.
  • Upon your turn, proceed to the designated counter and submit your documents.
  • You would be given a collection time (normally 2 hours after submission).

Step 4: Attestation of Educational Documents [UAE Embassy]

This has to be the easiest of all steps. The Embassy of the UAE in Islamabad does not accept documents for attestation directly from applicants, but has authorized courier companies to act on its behalf.

The details can be found at their website here: UAE Embassy in Islamabad – Document Attestation

Step 5: Attestation of Educational Documents within UAE [Pakistan Consulate and MoFA UAE]

Welcome to the UAE! The first thing you need to do once you land here is to have your educational documents attested within UAE by the Consulate General of Pakistan & MoFA UAE for them to be accepted by employers to apply for your residence visa.


  • Visit the Consulate General of Pakistan in Bur Dubai (as shown in the map below). The consulate opens at 7AM, be there on time in order to avoid long queues. The easiest way is to take the Metro and exit at “Burjuman” and walk the remaining distance (less than 10 minutes)

  • Go to the relevant counter and pay the fees (AED 12 at the time of writing, verify here) and submit your degree.
  • Wait for a while till your name is called, you would now be handed your attested degree.
  • Walk for a few more minutes to MoFA UAE (as in the map below):

  • Get your token and you will be guided to the “e-dirham” counter. MoFA UAE only accepts the “e-dirham” card as a source of payment.
  • Make the payment of AED 150 + 6 (card fees).
  • Wait till your token is called out, upon which an officer of the MoFA UAE would paste an AED 150 sticker, stamp & sign it for verification.

Your degree is now officially recognized in the UAE.



Degree Attestation Steps – BISE, IBCC, HEC, MoFA, UAE Embassy (Lahore, Pakistan)

After spending countless hours on the internet trying to find a DIY guide to the daunting task of degree attestation in (Lahore) Pakistan, I went all in and hope to prepare a guide for all those looking to get their Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels), Bachelors & Masters degrees attested from the relevant authorities for the purpose of obtaining a job in UAE.

Step 1: Attestation of Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels)


The attestation of Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels) degrees has two steps:

  • Attestation of Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels) Photocopies by BISE, Lahore (4 Days to 2 weeks)
  • Attestation of (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels) Original Certificates by IBCC Lahore (2 days)

Attestation of Photocopies through BISE (IBCC Equivalence Certificate holders go to the next step)

Though the attestation of both Original Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels)  lies with the IBCC, a prerequisite for attestation of original documents by IBCC is that the photocopies of the same should be attested by the relevant issuing board (for eg. BISE, Lahore). The steps involved in this process include:

  1. Visit the BISE, Lahore office situated on Mozang Road (Location: BISE, Lahore – Google Maps) with the following documents:
    • 2 photocopies of  Matriculation (SSC) Certificates
    • 2 photocopies of Intermediate (HSSC) Certificates
    • Duly filled attestation form (separate forms for Matriculation, Intermediate) can be obtained from Counter 16 at BISE office for a fee of Rs. 50/- (each) or be downloaded online from BISE Downloads Section
  2. Payment of Dues
    • Visit HBL BISE branch (located inside the BISE Office) and get Bank Challan forms  (separate forms for Matriculation, Intermediate), fill in your particulars and deposit Rs.500/- (each for Matriculation, Intermediate). In case of using a downloaded form/photocopy (as detailed above, add another Rs.50/- to the Bank Challan).
  3. Submitting your Application
    • Go to Counter 4 at BISE office with your complete application which now contains:
      • Filled Attestation forms (separate forms for Matriculation, Intermediate)
      • 2 photocopies each of  Matriculation/Intermediate.
      • Paid Challan Forms (glued to the attestation forms)
    • In case of receiving the Attested photocopies through post, give upto 2 weeks or ask the counter staff for the relevant room no. from where you can collect personally after 4-5 days.

Important Note: Once you have received your attested photocopies (sealed envelope), DO NOT open the envelope rather proceed to IBCC office for the next step.

Attestation of Original SSC, HSSC & IBCC Equivalence Certificates

Second in line is the attestation of the Original Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels Equivalence), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels Equivalence) degrees through IBCC.


  • Original IBCC Equivalence Certificates in case of O/A Levels (if your equivalence was issued by IBCC Islamabad, you would need to get it attested from Islamabad in the greater interest of time. Lahore office claims it takes 3-4 months (yes you read that right) if one is to get an IBCC Islamabad issued certificate attested from them.
  • Original Matriculation (SSC), Intermediate (HSSC) Certificates
  • Sealed Envelopes of BISE, Lahore attestation (separate for Matriculation, Intermediate)

Visit the IBCC office (located in the BISE, Lahore office) and follow these somewhat simple steps to get your Original certificates attested:

  1. Go to the attestation counter, present your BISE, Lahore attested Matriculation/Intermediate photocopies (in unopened, sealed envelopes as received from BISE, Lahore) and/or O/A Levels Equivalence Certificates to obtain a Bank Challan Form and IBCC Attestation Form (save time by downloading the IBCC Attestation Form here and pre-fill it before visiting IBCC)
  2. The fees charged by IBCC is Rs. 200/- per original certificate and Rs. 100/- per photocopy, fill in the Bank Form and visit HBL Ganga Ram Branch (5 min walk from BISE, Lahore office) and deposit the relevant fees.
  3. Return to the IBCC office after paying your dues and submit the following documents for attestation:
    • Original Matriculation (SSC), Intermediate (HSSC) certificates.
    • Original O/A Levels Certificates
    • Original O/A Levels IBCC Equivalence Certificates
    • Photocopies (as required) of SSC/HSSC/IBCC Equivalence Certificates
    • HBL Bank Challan.

The IBCC counter staff will retain the Original Certificates (barring the Original O/A Levels certificates)  and stamp a date on the back of your deposit slip that will tell you when to collect your attested certificates. Usually this is the 2nd working day after depositing the documents.

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Kabhi Socha Hai?

Awaraan earthquake Baluchistan 2013

Awaraan earthquake Baluchistan 2013

Kabhi socha hai ke raat ki tareeki me wo tanha,
Khulay aasmaan talay saaya dhoondta ho ga?

Kabhi socha hai ke bebasi ke is alam mein wo yun,
Muntazir e imdad e Khalq e Khuda ho ga?

Kabhi socha hai ke zamanay se wo begaana ho ker,
Khalqat ke is tamashay pe roya ho ga?

Kabhi socha hai ke kai mayat’on ke is jhurmat mein,
Apnay hi qurba’a ke liye kafan ghoomta ho ga?


Dedicated to the victims of the Awaraan. Baluchistan earthquake 2013.

Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Any organization considers new recruits an “investment”. A consistent battering would soon relinquish the hopes with which the recruit may have set foot in the organization – a blow to the possible “payoff” the organization might have hoped for.

Research has proven that work-life balance directly contributes to the overall productivity of an employee. Not just that, employees working with organizations that advocate work-life balance have a tendency to stick to their role longer, feel pride in what they do and in turn would have elevated levels of self esteem.

Lo and behold! There are still many organizations out there that do not take work-life balance as seriously as they should; but the very duality of this concept makes life easier for many.

Deadlines? Do you dread the very word? Most of us do, but then there are people who tactfully prioritize their work in order to meet deadlines and not get fully immersed into work alone while they are at it. Stringent deadlines would always be put up by the employer, lets face it. But one still has the option of streamlining his/her work so in order to minimize the effects it would have on personal life. This “duality” is what draws the line between work and life.

In essence, one has to ensure that what he does at work stays at work. The repercussions of not being able to manage this, mind you can do a lot of damage.

This statement by Bryan Dyson (CEO – Coca Cola) sums it all up.

“Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them – Work, Family, Health, Friends and Spirit and you’re keeping all of these in the Air. You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four Balls – Family, Health, Friends and Spirit – are made of glass. If you drop one of these; they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for it.” 

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