Degree Attestation Steps – BISE, IBCC, HEC, MoFA, UAE Embassy (Lahore, Pakistan)

After spending countless hours on the internet trying to find a DIY guide to the daunting task of degree attestation in (Lahore) Pakistan, I went all in and hope to prepare a guide for all those looking to get their Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels), Bachelors & Masters degrees attested from the relevant authorities for the purpose of obtaining a job in UAE.

Step 1: Attestation of Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels)


The attestation of Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels) degrees has two steps:

  • Attestation of Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels) Photocopies by BISE, Lahore (4 Days to 2 weeks)
  • Attestation of (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels) Original Certificates by IBCC Lahore (2 days)

Attestation of Photocopies through BISE (IBCC Equivalence Certificate holders go to the next step)

Though the attestation of both Original Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels)  lies with the IBCC, a prerequisite for attestation of original documents by IBCC is that the photocopies of the same should be attested by the relevant issuing board (for eg. BISE, Lahore). The steps involved in this process include:

  1. Visit the BISE, Lahore office situated on Mozang Road (Location: BISE, Lahore – Google Maps) with the following documents:
    • 2 photocopies of  Matriculation (SSC) Certificates
    • 2 photocopies of Intermediate (HSSC) Certificates
    • Duly filled attestation form (separate forms for Matriculation, Intermediate) can be obtained from Counter 16 at BISE office for a fee of Rs. 50/- (each) or be downloaded online from BISE Downloads Section
  2. Payment of Dues
    • Visit HBL BISE branch (located inside the BISE Office) and get Bank Challan forms  (separate forms for Matriculation, Intermediate), fill in your particulars and deposit Rs.500/- (each for Matriculation, Intermediate). In case of using a downloaded form/photocopy (as detailed above, add another Rs.50/- to the Bank Challan).
  3. Submitting your Application
    • Go to Counter 4 at BISE office with your complete application which now contains:
      • Filled Attestation forms (separate forms for Matriculation, Intermediate)
      • 2 photocopies each of  Matriculation/Intermediate.
      • Paid Challan Forms (glued to the attestation forms)
    • In case of receiving the Attested photocopies through post, give upto 2 weeks or ask the counter staff for the relevant room no. from where you can collect personally after 4-5 days.

Important Note: Once you have received your attested photocopies (sealed envelope), DO NOT open the envelope rather proceed to IBCC office for the next step.

Attestation of Original SSC, HSSC & IBCC Equivalence Certificates

Second in line is the attestation of the Original Matriculation (SSC, O’Levels Equivalence), Intermediate (HSSC, A’Levels Equivalence) degrees through IBCC.


  • Original IBCC Equivalence Certificates in case of O/A Levels (if your equivalence was issued by IBCC Islamabad, you would need to get it attested from Islamabad in the greater interest of time. Lahore office claims it takes 3-4 months (yes you read that right) if one is to get an IBCC Islamabad issued certificate attested from them.
  • Original Matriculation (SSC), Intermediate (HSSC) Certificates
  • Sealed Envelopes of BISE, Lahore attestation (separate for Matriculation, Intermediate)

Visit the IBCC office (located in the BISE, Lahore office) and follow these somewhat simple steps to get your Original certificates attested:

  1. Go to the attestation counter, present your BISE, Lahore attested Matriculation/Intermediate photocopies (in unopened, sealed envelopes as received from BISE, Lahore) and/or O/A Levels Equivalence Certificates to obtain a Bank Challan Form and IBCC Attestation Form (save time by downloading the IBCC Attestation Form here and pre-fill it before visiting IBCC)
  2. The fees charged by IBCC is Rs. 200/- per original certificate and Rs. 100/- per photocopy, fill in the Bank Form and visit HBL Ganga Ram Branch (5 min walk from BISE, Lahore office) and deposit the relevant fees.
  3. Return to the IBCC office after paying your dues and submit the following documents for attestation:
    • Original Matriculation (SSC), Intermediate (HSSC) certificates.
    • Original O/A Levels Certificates
    • Original O/A Levels IBCC Equivalence Certificates
    • Photocopies (as required) of SSC/HSSC/IBCC Equivalence Certificates
    • HBL Bank Challan.

The IBCC counter staff will retain the Original Certificates (barring the Original O/A Levels certificates)  and stamp a date on the back of your deposit slip that will tell you when to collect your attested certificates. Usually this is the 2nd working day after depositing the documents.

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